A  B  O  U  T    T  H   E    C  O   M  P  A  N  Y

Kayý Construction Industry and Trading Company provides services to its clients in construction, engineering, restructuring, as a full contractor since 1991. The Company has been founded by engineers Orhun Kartal and Coþkun Yýlmaz. Kayý Construction has been specialized in construction of dwellings, administrative buildings, hospitals, hotels, industrial buildings and infrastructure. The Company carries its responsibility further for a reasonable period of time, to guarantee the successful operation of the facility following its delivery. Kayý Construction has a dynamic character with a contemporary management and business style, thanks to its young and qualified human resources. On the other hand, due to its job expertise which has been proven on several successful construction projects, the company has gained significant credibility in the finance market.

Kayý Construction is eager to undertake challenging projects in Turkey and abroad, with the help of its modern equipment support and experienced staff. In business life, it is very hard work to establish a sound trust and to maintain this delicate phenomenon. Today we owe the continuous and stable growth of our company since 1991 to our customers who have total trust in us. Kayý Construction has always been in pursuit of the most proper and successful solutions in construction.

"The benefit of our client is our own benefit."