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Advisory Board

We set up the Advisory Board in order to promote the corporate governance principles in our organization. Our Advisory Board is an independent body that advises our board of directors in the strategic decision-making process mainly on technical, legal, financial and marketing areas. In addition, they assist in making new business decisions. Our Advisory Board comprises of businessmen with high reputation in their field of expertise as follows:

Mr. Tayfun Bayazit is the founder and Chairman of Bayazit Consultancy Services. He previously held CEO and then Chairman positions of Yapi Kredi Bank, was CEO and then Chairman of Fortis Bank, Turkey, CEO and Vice Chairman and then Chairman of Disbank, Vice Chairman of Dogan Holding, President and CEO of Banque de Commerce et de Placements S.A., Geneva, CEO of Interbank, Senior Executive Vice President of Yapi Kredi Bank. He started his banking career at Citibank. Mr. Bayazit has Mechanics Engineering Mechanics and Materials (BS) degree from S. Illinois University and then MBA degree from Colombia University, Graduate School of Business.

Prof. Dr. M. Fadlullah CERRAHOGLU
Prof. Dr. M. Fadlullah Cerrahoğlu founded the Cerrahoglu Law Firm in 1966, which is one of the leading independent law firms in Turkey. He is still the managing partner of Cerrahoğlu Law Firm.
Mr. Cerrahoglu has a law degree from Istanbul University and then PhD in commercial law from University of Marmara. He taught commercial law in the University of Marmara and Bosphorus University between the years of 1966-2001. Mr. Cerrahoglu has four books and various articles about Turkish Commercial Law.

Aka Gunduz OZDEMIR
Mr. Aka Gunduz Ozdemir is the board member of Galatasaray Club and Galatasaray Retailing Company. Previously, he was the CEO of Arcelik and then the President of Consumer Durables Group of Koc Holding A.S.
Mr. Ozdemir began his career at Beko Ticaret in 1972; progressing to Sales Chief, Regional Sales Manager, Assistant Sales Manager, Sales Manager, and Assistant General Manager for Sales & Marketing and then General Manager from 1991 to 2000. Mr. Ozdemir was the Assistant Vice President of the Durable Goods Group at KOC Holding from 2000 to 2003 and then the Director of Arcelik A.S. Mr. Ozdemir graduated from Istanbul Academy of Economics and Commerce.

Mr. Coskun Yilmaz is the founder and Chairman of KAYI Holding Inc. He founded KAYI in 1991, which is one of the Turkey’s leading international contracting companies with both domestic and overseas high quality construction standards, year by year growing business volume, advanced strategy on investments, added value experiences and highly skilled staff and workforce.
Mr. Yilmaz has Civil Engineering (BS) degree from Bosphorus University and then MBA degree from Harvard Business School.
He held a position in management of Galatasaray FC between 2001 and 2002.

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