21 Sep 2007

Beko Household Appliances Factory opened its doors on schedule in September 2007

We are delighted to complete the 91,000 square meters Beko Household Appliance Factory in Russia after a short construction period of 12 months without compromising the construction quality. The opening ceremony was performed by the presence of our Board of Directors, employees and the other guests and mainly KAYI Construction’s future plans, stable growth in the sector and investments in Russia, Kazakhstan and Algeria were discussed. We are happy to announce that KAYI Construction is always the first choice for the European Companies among the other Turkish contractors.
In addition to our success in the international market, our company has many residential projects in the domestic market; we recently completed Ulus Maksimum Residences in Istanbul and Ka Green Residences is still under construction. In accordance with our growth plans, our company plans to be active in the domestic market especially in Anatolian cities. We will continue to deliver successful projects both in domestic and international market.
In addition to our successful year both in the domestic and international market, this year we are celebrating our 15th year of anniversary in the construction sector. We congratulate our employees and partners and wishing to have continued success in the future. Back