KAYI Medical clinical services provided to public and private establishments in Turkey and International arena include radiology, radiotherapy, physiotherapy-rehabilitation, sterilization, and laboratory services. Customer oriented models are implemented by focusing on the latest technology to ensure the needs of these healthcare organizations are satisfactorily met. We are working with internationally recognized brands without compromising on our quality to provide all of our services. Experience and know-how acquired by our market leader position in radiology services allow us to expand continuously our healthcare investment portfolio in domestic and international arena.

Clinical Services / Turkey

In 2014, with the acquisition of a local radiology imaging company, KAYI Medical entered into the radiology imaging, radiotherapy treatment, sterilization, and physiotherapy-rehabilitation businesses both as equipment and service provider.

KAYI is the market leader to deliver healtcare services. Today, thanks to the ambitious and hardworking team of experts, KAYI Medical is the strongest player as a medical equipment investor and service provider in total 35 hospitals with 85 units in Turkey.

Radiology imaging solutions are delivered with high-tech equipments such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computerized Tomography (CT), Digital X-Ray Machines, Digital Mammography, Ultrasound / Doppler Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy with the world’s best known brands such as GE, Siemens, Phillips and Toshiba.

On the medical treatment aspect, KAYI Medical also aims to be a very strong player especially on the oncology branch and delivers cancer treatment equipment and services with highly recognized brands such as Varian, Accuray, and Elekta, in highly populated cities in Turkey.

Clinical Services / International