KAYI Energy is active in four renewable energy sub-sectors, namely; hydroelectric power plants, geothermal power plants, wind farms and biomass. The first materialized project was the hydroelectric plant at Kaletepe, Erzurum. Despite the high elevation and adverse weather conditions, KAYI completed its first plant in just one year. The EPC turn key construction of Büyükbahçe and Bağbaşı HEPP’s were completed in 2014 and Serhat HEPP was completed in 2015. In addition to the 4 materialised HEPP projects, KAYI Energy had extensive development activities and technical feasibility studies for prospective sites in different regions of Turkey.

Concentrating on alternative energy resources, KAYI Energy invested on more than 100 geothermal exploration licenses.

After years of know-how in energy sector and experience in complex infrastructure projects, KAYI is engaged in an innovative way to generate energy with biomass power plants. Stalks of cotton and barley will be the main raw material for production of electricity. KAYI Energy’s new horizon: biomass power plants do not cause any emissions, liquid or solid waste.

KAYI has many years of experience in energy infrastructure and power plant construction in Turkey and at the international level our projects in energy sector are progressing as well. KAYI started operation in Iraq, which has the largest reserves of crude oil, for the EPC turnkey construction of bitumen blowing unit. Development of other plants and in other countries will continue as well.

Major Projects