9/21/2007 > 16/1/2007 > 15. year night of Kayý Construction is celebrated at Hyatt Regency…

“The most important issue in business is to create trust and to ensure the continuation of this delicate impression.” In the ceremony where all our friends, employees and job partners participated, we have enjoyed to leave the successful 15. years behind us. We send our love to our employees who couldn’t participate in the celebration night because of hard working and working in the foreign building sites… Many happy returns Kayý Construction…

9/21/2007 > 30/12/2006 > Kazakhstan National Archive Building is put into service with a ceremony!

Kazakhstan National Archive Building is opened on 14 December 2006 by Kazakhstan Minister of Culture Mr. Yertisbayev Yermuhamet Kabidinovic and a crowd of invited guests. The delivery of the first document to the archive is performed by Mr. Yermuhamet. A citizen in the guests, contributed a historical manuscript region map with an intangible value which is came into property from his grandfathers, and applauded by the Minister of Culture and the guests. The opening is taken in interest by the Kazakhstan TV channels and they had spoken highly of Kayý Construction. Also Kayý Construction is congratulated for the contributions for the Turkish-Kazakh friendship and for this performance.

9/21/2007 > 14/12/2006 > Arkas Holding Container Terminal construction is completed.

The preparation of Container Warehouse Field in Djasr Kassentine Industrial Region of Aterco SPA and the construction of its infrastructure are completed by Bilyap Ýnþaat A.Þ. which is the main company of Kayý Construction in Algeria. The Container Terminal is completed in three months and delivered to Aterco SPA and its opening is performed.

9/21/2007 > 14/12/2006 > We left behind 15 years with success…

“The most important issue in business is to create trust and to ensure the continuation of this delicate impression.” The successful 15 years of Kayý Construction will be celebrated at Hyatt Regency on 12 January 2007. In this special night, we will be happy to see all our friends who have shared this way with us.

9/21/2007 > 5/11/2006 > Ulus Maksimum Residence’s construction is completed.

Ulus Maksimum Residence which the turnkey construction is undertaken by Kayý Construction is formed from different flat types varying between 232 and 406 m2 and having 3 blocks in Ulus on 8.000 m2 area. Kayý Real Estate is the client of Ulus Maksimum Residence’s construction, and we are having the joy of completing this project with our 15 years experience and our professional staff.

9/21/2007 > 21/10/2006 > Hotel Ibis Alger Building Site Works are established.

Excavations work of Hotel Ibis Algér belonging to French Accor Group which is undertaken by Bilyap Construction which is the main company of Kayý Construction, is completed on 9 August 2006. Besides one of the world-wide hotel chains of Accor Group’s turnkey construction, all the architectural and engineering designs preparation is included in the contract. It is planned to deliver 10-floor Ibis Algér in 14 months which it started to be constructed with the laying of the foundation of our building site foundations which is constructed in October. As Kayý Construction, we are having the joy of adding one more project to the successful projects which we have performed in the international area with our professional staff.

9/21/2007 > 13/10/2006 > Kayý Construction has performed the opening of Beko Household Appliances Factory.

We are having the joy of delivering the Beko Household Appliance Factory on 75.000 m2 area in Russia Vladamir in a short period of 12 months without compromising from the construction quality. In the current days, we are preparing to celebrate the 15th year of our foundation and Beko Household Appliances Factory’s opening ceremony is critically important for us which comes across to the anniversary of our company. In the opening ceremony which was performed by the participation of our Board of Directors and our employees, besides the Russia investments of Kayý Construction, the Kazakhstan and Algeria investments, forward planning and its stable growth in the sector are discussed. Although major problems are seen especially in the engineering sector because of the unseen costs and bureaucratic barriers, we are having the joy of our success in the Russian market and to be the selection of the European companies so far as the Turkish companies in the last years. Our company which has added the residence projects in the domestic field besides the foreign projects has confirmed the success in the domicile sector with the KA Green houses which is still in construction in Halkali and the completed Maksimum Residence in Istanbul Ulus. Our company is perpetuating its work in accordance with the growth purpose especially in the Anatolian countries in the domestic field. We will continue to make successful projects with its references both in domestic and foreign countries.

9/21/2007 > 11/10/2006 > IKEA Mega Shopping Center’s groundbreaking ceremony is performed.

The excavation works of Ikea Mega Shopping Center has started in August and the turnkey construction is planned to be completed in a short period of approximately 14 months. Our Board of Directors and our employees joined this ceremony, which is in a pre-celebration feature for the opening of Beko Household Appliances Factory in the coming days.

8/20/2007 > Best construction companies of the world

‘ENR Top International Constactors’ is an annual survey about the rankings of World’s Best Construction Companies and this year Kayý Construction is included for the ENR Top International Constractors List. Please click in order to see the list.



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