Turkish healthcare sector is on the rise with a vast number of investment opportunities in order to increase the quality and efficiency of the healthcare system and facilities. After realizing the underlying growth potential, KAYI Healthcare was founded in 2011 to fulfill the full spectrum of healthcare and healthcare-related services in Turkey and abroad.

KAYI’s outset in the healthcare sector was design-built and turnkey construction of health campuses in Turkmenistan and Russia. After acquiring the technical skills for healthcare construction, KAYI entered into public-private-partnership projects (PPP) as the Turkish government started encouraging the private sector to invest in healthcare and gain a wider role. KAYI was awarded its first project in 2013. Gaziantep Integrated Health Campus project is still under construction, in which KAYI is responsible to design, built, finance, operate and transfer in a period of 25 years. This project, as being the biggest health campus in the southeast of Turkey and the 4th biggest health campus in Turkey, has a capacity of 1875 beds, covering 579,998 m2 of indoor area and sits on a 330,091m2 of land. After the construction period, KAYI with its world leading partners will provide the facility management services and other clinical and non-clinical support services for a period of 25 years.

In 2014, with the acquisition of a local radiology imaging company, KAYI Healthcare entered into the radiology imaging, radiotherapy treatment, sterilization, and physiotherapy-rehabilitation businesses. Currently, KAYI Healthcare is active both as an equipment and service provider in 29 hospitals in different cities all around Turkey, which marked KAYI as the market leader to deliver healthcare services. Today, thanks to the ambitious and hardworking team of experts, KAYI Healthcare is the strongest player as a medical equipment investor and service provider in public, private, and university hospitals in Turkey.

KAYI Medical entered the international area by providing radiology diagnostic services in Kenya and aiming to increase the number of this kind of projects.

KAYI Medical has been awarded the certification of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008

Our difference as KAYI Healthcare:

  • Being the largest investor in Public Radiology Sector in Turkey,
  • Having the richest equipment park,
  • Employing the most number of people,
  • Implementing the health services from the construction of the building to managing phases under one roof.

KAYI Healthcare is active in 3 business lines:

KAYI keeps setting the foundations for the future, taking an active part in the healthcare sector in Turkey and abroad both as an investor and solution partner for healthcare services and equipment to carry out medical and diagnostic activities. The ENR Global Sourcebook ranks KAYI as the 12th biggest company among the 25 world leading construction companies in terms of healthcare investments around the world. Presence in the foreign market in the healthcare industry will continue and KAYI aims to be one of the biggest contractor, investor, developer and service provider in this sector.

Major Projects