10 Aug 2009

Kaletepe Hydroelectric Power Plant under operation

Kaletepe Hydroelectric Power Plant, which is the first investment project of Kayen KAYI Energy, is now ready to generate electricity. This Project holds importance not only for its contribution to meet Turkey’s energy needs, but also the challenging groundbreaking methods that have been used in the construction process brought new dimensions to the Turkish construction sector.
The construction began in July 2008 in Tortum, Erzurum. Despite the cold weather conditions, KAYI Construction successfully completed the EPC turn-key construction only in 9 months. The HES Project, with a total capacity of 10.80 MW, boasts Turkey’s largest steel siphon structure with a length of 800 meters. As of the date of, the longest siphon was constructed in Turkey within this project.
In Turkey, hydroelectric power potential is 40,000 MW and as of 2008, only 13,400 MW is being utilized. Kayen Energy will continue investing in new projects in order to close the gap between the potential capacities and the actual utilization capacities. Back