KAYI Healthcare began to operate in 2014 by providing radiology imaging services to public, private and university hospitals in an era when Turkey was already established herself within modern standards in healthcare sector.

Today, KAYI Medical employs hundreds of employees in different jobs and cities all around Turkey.

As of 2016, KAYI Medical is the leader company in its sector providing imaging services in 31 public, 2 private and 2 university hospitals with a total of 20.000 beds and over 6.000.000 examinations every year. With its aggressive policy it is planned to catch the same business volume overseas that we have caught domestically.

KAYI Healthcare always aims to supply the best equipment and most advanced technology to their patients. To achieve this and provide the best service, we are in collaboration with companies like GE, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba, Shimadzu which are proven to be the best in imaging industry worldwide.

Regardless of location, radiology examination performances and results can be viewed in all the centres in different cities through the Hospital Information Management Systems. An MR examination held in Erzurum can be reviewed and reported by our radiology expert in Aydın and then printed in Gaziantep by using teleradiology. KAYI also assisted 5 hospitals in Şanlıurfa to set up their teleradiology system and also did the reporting for those hospitals.