KAYI Medical sets up its radiotherapy services within public and private healthcare organizations with the help of its expert team by taking into account the needs of patient/institution base and manages them by preparing customer oriented models at which the focus point is high technology. KAYI Medical is providing radiotherapy services starting with the realization of turn-key radiotherapy center, managing the radiotherapy department and human resources (doctor, technician and other healthcare workers). KAYI Medical maintains the sustainability of its healthcare services with the patient/institution satisfaction obtained by its high quality standarts.

KAYI Medical is the first company giving medical treatment with Tomotherapy machines in public hospitals by providing equipment and services in Diyarbakır Dicle University Hospital with Accuray Tomotherapy equipment.

KAYI Medical provides radiotherapy equipment and services in Erzurum Atatürk Hospital with high-tech equipments of Varian.

Besides university and public hospitals, KAYI Medical is rendering its Radiotherapy Services for the first time to a private hospital, İstanbul Reyap Hospital by using Varian Truebeam equipment.