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Since its establishment, KAYI and its subsidiaries in different sectors had always emphasized the importance of successful, steady and long-term relationships with their employees, partners, clients and suppliers. In accordance with this principle, quality, creative solutions, customer satisfaction and sustainable growth had always been the primary goal in all the sectors KAYI operates.

KAYI started as a construction company and today it successfully operates in four different sectors: contracting, energy, development & investment and healthcare. In line with the expansion of these sectors in the global arena, KAYI Holding has established to provide organizational support system and reporting mechanisms for all its subsidiaries. Coordination of business development, finance, accounting, human resources, logistics, purchasing, IT and auditing is the main execution strategy of the Holding. KAYI Holding also determines KAYI’s vision and strategies for better forecasting, planning and decision-making as the parent company for KAYI’s companies in all sectors.

Furthermore, with KAYI Holding’s impressive success in contracting, investment & development, energy and healthcare sectors, it will continue to distribute its know-how in all the sectors it operates and broaden its global dimensions with long-term strategic performance, an excellent team and innovative methods.

Contracting is KAYI’s pioneer sector with its domestic and global activities in this business since 1991. With its reputable place among major international contracting companies, KAYI Contracting operates as a general contractor both in Turkey and abroad, and it is active in the entire spectrum of services such as feasibility, turn-key construction, engineering, design and building works, project control, management, procurement, infrastructure and responsibility of receiving all the permits of the country.

KAYI Contracting’s major operations include construction of industrial buildings, residential and office complexes, retail complexes, hotels, educational institutions, health campuses, energy and other infrastructure projects. With its operational and technical experience, KAYI Contracting established strong relations with international clients such as the Accor Group, Marriott, Volkswagen, IKEA, Mayr Melnhof, ECE Projektmanagement, ASAL,Pirelli, Gestamp, Migros, Globus, Renault, Beko, Vestel, MEGA Group, Koç and Tatneft.

With its successful expansion and development plan, KAYI Contracting has extensive experience and ongoing activities in countries such as Turkey, Russia, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan, and has new market quests such as Iraq and Libya.

KAYI is a member of the Turkish Contractors Association and has been awarded the certifications of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 and Occupational Health and Safety System OHSAS 18001:2007.

Contracting Projects

Dar El Beida Private Hospital

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KAYI Energy is active in four renewable energy sub-sectors, namely; hydroelectric power plants, geothermal power plants, wind farms and biomass. The first materialized project was the hydroelectric plant at Kaletepe, Erzurum. Despite the high elevation and adverse weather conditions, KAYI completed its first plant in just one year. Also the EPC turn key construction of Büyükbahçe and Bağbaşı HEPP’s are completed in 2014, Serhat HEPP in Giresun is completed in 2015. With 4 HEPP projects materialized, 1 also licensed in Erzurum, KAYI Energy has 4 operational hydroelectric power plant projects in Turkey. Extensive development activities and technical feasibility studies are also being carried out for prospective sites in different regions of Turkey. Concentrating on alternative energy resources, KAYI Energy is also active in geothermal power plants sector, which is the water or steam extracted from geothermal reservoirs that is used for geothermal heat pumps, water heating or electricity generation. Initially, KAYI Energy invested on more than 100 geothermal exploration licenses and with comprehensive examinations and several geothermal researches; fields that are not suitable for energy production were eliminated. With the attractive license areas, KAYI Energy is aiming to be one of the biggest geothermal power providers in Turkey.

With KAYI’s experienced technical and executive geothermal team, KAYI Energy also provides consultation services for the geothermal energy companies in Turkey. KAYI Energy is the first and only private company in Turkey, which has 3-dimension modeling, also offers project and exploration management such as overall site selection, contracting, exploration, structural geological analysis, geophysical and geochemical analysis, hydrological surveying and conceptual modeling.

After years of know-how in energy sector and experience in complex infrastructure projects, KAYI is engaged in an innovative way to generate energy with biomass power plants. KAYI made initial applications for land allocations for the biomass power plants in Adana and Şanlıurfa, Turkey. Stalks of cotton and barley will be the main raw material for production of electricity in biomass power plants, which will be a major contribution to the country’s economy. Additionally, local employment will also be promoted and local labor force will be used for collection, stacking and transferring of raw materials from fields to the power plant. KAYI Energy’s new horizon: biomass power plants do not cause any emissions, liquid or solid waste.

KAYI has many years of experience in energy infrastructure and power plant construction in Turkey and at the international level our projects in energy sector are progressing as well. KAYI started operation in Iraq, which has the largest reserves of crude oil, for the EPC turnkey construction of bitumen blowing unit. Development of other plants and in other countries will continue as well.

Energy Projects

Natural Gas Distribution Line

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KAYI Development & Investment was established to develop eco-friendly, high quality and customized residential real estate projects especially in Istanbul and in the Mediterranean region. With its experienced and professional staff, KAYI undertook the development, operation, finance, sales & marketing and after-sale of the real estate projects. After years of experience in Turkey, investments were also made abroad such as the investment and development of residential and office complexes, hotels, social and cultural areas in Russia, Algeria and UAE. As its investment activities widened globally, KAYI was granted by Accor Group, which is the leading international hotel management chain in France, to construct and develop Sofitel, Novotel and IBIS hotels in Algeria and Russia. In addition to the hotel development projects, KAYI invests in Algeria with the state-of-the-art mixed used commercial real estate projects that consist of showroom, hotel and social facility areas. In the gulf region, KAYI has a vertically integrated operation as a contractor, developer and investor. Harbour Beach Residence and Hotel is a signature project of KAYI on the man-made Al Marjan Island in Ras Al Khaimah, which includes 500 residences and a 5-star hotel, providing investors with an opportunity to combine business and leisure. In addition to the real-estate related investments, KAYI Development & Investment has decided to boost renewable energy supply with nonpolluting hydroelectric power plants as the electricity demand has increased as a result of economic development in Turkey. Renewable hydroelectric power plants are investment projects of KAYI Development & Investment in which 3 of the hydroelectric power plants is ready to generate electricity while the other one is under construction.

Development & Investment Projects

Dar El Beida Private Hospital

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KAYI’s outset in the healthcare sector was design-built and turnkey construction of health campuses in Turkmenistan and Russia. After acquiring the technical skills for healthcare construction, KAYI entered into public-private-partnership projects (PPP) as the Turkish government started encouraging the private sector to invest in healthcare and gain a wider role. KAYI was awarded its first project in 2013. Gaziantep Integrated Health Campus project is still under construction, in which KAYI is responsible to design, built, finance, operate and transfer in a period of 25 years. This project, as being the biggest health campus in the southeast of Turkey and the 4th biggest health campus in Turkey, has a capacity of 1875 beds, covering 638,088 m2 of indoor area and sits on a 330,091 m2 of land. After the construction period, KAYI with its world leading partners will provide the facility management services and other clinical and non-clinical support services for a period of 25 years. In 2014, with the acquisition of a local radiology imaging company, KAYI Medical entered into the radiology imaging, radiotherapy treatment, sterilization, and physiotherapy-rehabilitation businesses. Currently, KAYI Medical is active both as an equipment and service provider in over 50 hospitals in different cities all around Turkey as of 2016, which marked KAYI as the market leader to deliver healthcare services. Today, thanks to the ambitious and hardworking team of experts, KAYI Medical is the strongest player as a medical equipment investor and service provider in public, private, and university hospitals in Turkey.

Healthcare Projects

Green Grove Health Center

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All Projects

Dar El Beida Private Hospital

Pristina Private Hospital

Kaunas Stadium

Tatneft Headquarters

Traffic Police Headquarters

National Archive Building

Kavacık Plaza

Satellite Development Center

Cite Financiere

Natural Gas Distribution Line

Hydroelectric Power Plant Serhat

Hydroelectric Power Plant Kaletepe

Hydroelectric Power Plant

Kemal Hasoğlu Elementary & High School

Beşiktaş Private School

French Primary School

Eyüboğlu Private School

Aktobe Mega Shopping Center

Ramstore Shopping Center

Shymkent Mega Shopping Center

Marmara Park Shopping Center

Ozas Shopping & Entertainment Center

Serdika Center

Samara Mega Shopping Center

Kazan Public Housing Complex

Ulus Maksimum Residences

Aluan Housing Complex

Ka Golf Belek

Ka Green Halkalı Residences

Starlight Enterprise Ltd.

Park Mall Setif & Courtyard Marriot

Hotel Ibis & Novotel Krasnoyarsk

Hotel Ibis, Yaroslavl

Samara Office & Business Center

Hotel Ibis, Samara

Hotel Ibis, Alger

Chateu Neuf Oran

Djanet Military Hotel

Constantine Military Hotel

Green Grove Health Center

Awaza Health Center

Gaziantep Integrated Health Campus

Ouargla Military Hospital

Bechar Military Hospital

Abdel Hamid Ibn Badis Mosque

Biomass Power Plants

Bitumen Blowing Plant

Arkas Holding Container Terminal

Vestel Electronics Manufacturing Plant

Pirelli Tyre Manufacturing Plant

Beko Household Appliances Factory

Gestamp Steel Components

Mayr Melnhof Factory

Volkswagen Automobile Factory

Renault Automobile Factory