KAYI Holding recognizes that there is value in responsibility beyond the annual results; what is good for people and the planet can also be good for the shareholder value. We are therefore committed to the principle of sustainability in terms of construction and development, business and social practices.

Sustainability in construction and development:

KAYI has a clear commitment to sustainability in construction, energy and services with its reputable place among major international contracting companies. KAYI does not only construct buildings, factories, business centers, shopping centers, residential centers, power plants and health complexes; KAYI creates living spaces in the countries of operation; thus has a social responsibility for society and environment both today and tomorrow.
KAYI designs, builds, develops and operates sustainable projects by maximizing the quality, affordability and efficiency while minimizing the environmental effects of the projects such as the use of water, raw materials, energy and land. During the design phase of construction and development projects, KAYI takes all the measures to achieve maximum efficiency leading to reduce energy consumption and to prevent construction waste by reusing construction and demolition materials.

Sustainability in business and social practices:

Sustainability and corporate responsibility is the core of KAYI Holding’s business practices and it is based on company’s goal as KAYI delivers projects that are respectful to nature and environment we live in while prioritizing the awareness of social responsibility.

KAYI has sustainable business practices based on four important values:

1– Incorporating health & safety into all operations: KAYI is committed to provide healthy & safe working environment both on construction sites and in administrative and operational working environments. KAYI has the certificate of Occupational Health and Safety System OHSAS 18001:2007 with which KAYI maintains an important approach to the health and safety issues.

2– Incorporating economical awareness into all operations: KAYI uses limited resources economically and raises awareness among the employees to use all the resources effectively such as reducing water and electricity usage, reduction of unnecessary paper usage, emphasizing low cost solutions, raising awareness both on environmental and social impacts of consumption and visioning the future for being more aware of using these resources economically.

3– Incorporating environmental awareness into all operations: KAYI is aware of the global climate problems and maintains an effective response by meeting the needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. KAYI focuses on conserving and restoring the natural ecosystem in all stages of the design, construction and operation phases.

KAYI holds the certificate of Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 and Gold Certificate for voluntary carbon trading that offers respected framework for the development and implementation of emission reduction.

KAYI also holds the ‘go green’ philosophy and promotes the sustainable energy with the construction and investment of renewable energy projects such as hydroelectric power plants, geothermal and biomass projects in Turkey.

4– Incorporating social and cultural sustainability in all operations: KAYI enhances the social and cultural sustainability by promoting the sustainable development, which increases the quality of life for today and tomorrow by supporting the ecosystem. KAYI trains all its employees in order to understand and appreciate the importance of sustaining natural resources. To realize this aim, recycling and effective waste management is KAYI’s top priority.